Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is your beverage of choice?

My horse of choice (Daski) preferred Iced Tea while we were trail riding, and then later, when we were settled in at our campsite, he switched to red wine. Of course water was always available and he did consume volumes of that too. Have you ever had a pet that wanted to eat or drink whatever you were having? I have had several that did--dogs, cats, horses. Anyway, I always called Daski my tea sippin' cowboy. I have several beverages in mind, sangria, lemonade, my all-time favorite Crema di Limoncello. I am thirsty! Are you?

The Best Sangria from Cook's Illustrated

Serves 4

2 large juice oranges , washed; one orange sliced; remaining
orange juiced
1 large lemon , washed and sliced
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup Triple Sec
1 bottle inexpensive, fruity, medium-bodied red wine (750
milliliters), chilled (I use Merlot)

1. Add sliced orange, lemon, and sugar to large pitcher; mash gently with wooden spoon until fruit releases some juice,
but is not totally crushed, and sugar dissolves, about 1 minute. Stir in orange juice, Triple Sec, and wine; refrigerate for
at least 2, and up to 8, hours.
2. Before serving, add 6 to 8 ice cubes and stir briskly to distribute settled fruit and pulp; serve immediately.

Lemonade Concentrate

1 1/2 Cups Sugar
1 Quart water
1 1/2 cups lemon juice (approximately 12 lemons)

Boil sugar and water for 5 minutes. Cool and then stir in lemon juice. Cover and chill the concentrate.

When ready to serve, use equal parts concentrate and water. You can make a glassful or pitcherful, your choice.


  1. It'a good recipe for Sangria, and I'm Spanish ;D You can substitute melon for other fruits (apples, etc.), and triple sec for any strong liquor (Cointreau and white rum are my favourites). The key is to have it in the fridge for some hours, and that's the reason a good sangria is not to be found in a restaurant...

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, I will surely try the white rum. How much rum would you add, 1/4 cup? Great idea!