Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America, sweet land of Liberty

I hope everyone had a safe and happy day yesterday in honor of our great nation. No matter the dissimiliarity of our backgrounds, our religion, the state we live in, or the myriad of other differences, we enjoy a common bond with each other, and that is freedom. Even in these tough economic times we can still find plenty to be thankful for. It is nice to reflect on how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to celebrate with our friends and families in the manner of our choosing. I can only imagine how each of you celebrated the day, and my thoughts naturally went to the food prepared and served and, of course, fireworks at dusk, happy children, lakes, swimming pools, sitting on the porch or patio with friends at the end of a joy filled, beautiful day. I know we are thankful for our men and women who are serving this great nation in the Armed Forces, who have made and are making sacrifices so we can enjoy our freedom. Life is still good in America, embrace and love it! I am proud to be an American, in case you haven't noticed!

And I have been remiss in my cooking and blogging lately. It has been hot and humid in Central Florida, which has left me in no mood for food, so I have been working outside with my camera and flowers. I need to return the kitchen and get cooking. All I have to share are nature pictures for now, I hope you don't mind!

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