Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rosie's Idea Of A Good Cookbook and a Delicious Recipe

Meet Rose.  She actually is the business manager of the farm when she is not napping.  We have often thought about putting an apron on her and really putting her to work in the kitchen, but for now, she has picked out a delicious recipe for Chicken Marsala t0 dream of.  We talked her out of the more complex Cooks Illustrated recipe(shown in the photo) and into Smitten Kitchen's husband Alex's yummy easy one,linked here: smittenkitchen.  Rose shares the farm with her litter mate, Max and a black Lab named Buck.

1 comment:

  1. I have cooked with Rose many times. Any time that she and I have a disagreement on a procedure, she will turn sideways in the kitchen (a dog manuver perfected by large dogs) and that just about shuts down the operation. If she is really upset with my cooking then she makes some secret dog sound that is not available to humans. Immediately her brother Max and her barn mate Buck-Shot appear in the kitchen. That is over 200 pounds of dogs in the kitchen with me and that terminates any cooking.